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Our Ministries

What does it mean to minister?  The Greek term dikonos is typically translated as servant or minister. First of all, ministry is personal and allows us to have a greater awareness of our irrevocable connection to the All.  Secondly, ministry is interpersonal.  It does not just flow from subject to object, but is reciprocal.  Therefore, those who minister also receive ministry. Ministry involves people.  The purpose of ministry is communication with the Divine in Word and Deed.  God operates within us and as us to express Itself.  As we co-create with Spirit, we transform the world and ourselves.  Finally, ministry is work.  We step into our Vision demonstrating that mountains can be moved with and as God. 


We invite you to serve and be served by Our Ministries at Guidance.  A list of Ministries is provided below. Learn more about service and support, click these links for donation and service organizations information.


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Practitioner Core and Practitioner Visioning

Our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners gather monthly for visioning, training and fellowship. We meet the first Monday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Angel house.

Dee Sermons, RScP, President, Practitioner Core

Lorene Belisama, RScP, Practitoner Visioning

For more information, contact or call (323) 778-0773, ext. 6


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Pastoral Care Ministry

We Care! We demonstrate that concern by assisting our members during life’s challenges. Contact our ministry for support with an illness, bereavement or family crisis.

Marlene Fleming-Chaka, RScP (310) 704-8991 or Patricia Soto, RScP 

For more information, contact or call (323) 778-1175.


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Youth and Family Ministry

We have youth services and programs for children ages 2-18.  All curriculum is designed to nourish young minds. We believe "Our children are our NOW".

Reverend Herracia Brewer, Director

For more information, contact or call (323) 778-0773, ext. 7


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Young Adult Network − WEAVE

[Group Photo]

Weave stands for:We Encourage Active Visioning and Empowerment. We honor our process knowing that each thread is necessary to live life. WEAVE was designed by young adults for young adults.  Adults in their 20’s and 30’s are welcome to join us. We met the after church the first Sunday of each month in the Angel House.  We also meet at 6:00 pm the third Friday of each month.  Call us to learn the location of the Friday meeting which changes.

Erica Dymakkus or David King

For more information, contact or call (323) 778-0773.


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Music Ministry

Music is a gift of God to life, the spirit of man, to a more conscious knowing of the love that is God. Our music program accomplishes its mission in a moving and power-filled way. The Choir meets every Thursday from 7:00 until 9:00 pm in the Sanctuary. Auditions are held at any choir rehearsal. We invite you to add your voice or instrument to our ministry of music.

Faye Cowart, Director, Pianist

Vernell Morgan, Organist

Ron Turner, Percussionist

Del Atkins, Bass

For more information, contact or call (323) 778-0773.


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Worship Service Support Ministry

This ministry supports the Senior and Assistant Ministers, Guest Speakers and Practitioners as they prepare for worship service. The Ministry pulls together copies of the program, readings for the day and provides ecclesiastical preparation for the service.

Marlene Fleming-Chaka, RScP and Natalie Robinson, RScp

For more information, contact or call (323) 778-0773.


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Guidance Organizing for America (GOFA) (website)

GOFA stands for Guidance Organizing for America. Our Spiritual community is working in partnership with Organizing for America.

Patricia Soto, RScP

For more information, contact or call (310) 346-6984


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Guidance Outreach (GO Team) Ministry

We reach out to the community and support programs such as feeding the homeless, Walk for Peace, etc. More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content More Content


Guidance’s Season for Nonviolence and Peace is a department within The Outreach Ministry that supports the national Season for Nonviolence objectives. Celebrated between January 30 and April 4, this grassroots campaign demonstrates nonviolence in a national, 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign. Inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this event honors their vision for an empowered, nonviolent world.

Mel Taylor, RScP, Unity Imani-ImoJah, RScP and Lovey Curry, RScP

For more information, contact and or call (323) 778-0773.


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Education Ministry

We believe that Spiritual Living is first and foremost a teaching order. Guidance offers a full curriculum of Science of Mind classes [link to Bookstore and Education page] in the philosophy of the Science of Mind & Spirit, other New Thought/Ancient Wisdom Traditions and the "Truth Teachings."

Layona Walker,RScP and Michele Luster, RScP

For more information, contact or call 323-778-0773, ext. 5


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Healing Arts Ministry

Our focus is on overall well-being. We assist individuals in discovering the power of bodywork healing. Change your life with different healing modalities.

Dr. Nai’mah Powell or Tamara Sibley, RScP

For more information, contact or call 323-778-0773.


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What is Spiritual Practice?

Spiritual Practice takes place when one’s spiritual devotion includes introspection, and the development of an individual's inner life through practices such as meditation, prayer and contemplation. At Guidance, we believe that it is essential to build a Spiritual Practice. There are several tools that can be used to help transform you thinking thereby enhancing your life and our world.

  • Read the Word-Chose the spiritual texts that speak to you
  • Journal to be mindful of your thinking
  • Set God-centered goals and plans
  • Practice Contemplation
  • Pray Affirmatively
  • Meditate
  • Practice Visualization


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